[ipv6hackers] subject labels

Cameron Byrne cb.list6 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 03:09:24 CET 2011

To help me sort through the mail on this list, please include the
following tags in the subject.  I believe 99% of the mail can be
categorized in the first 3

1.  [ipv6 high fives]  IPv6 people patting themselves on the back, "i
told you so" ...
2.  [ipv6 religion] discussion of ULA being evil, subnet sizes, NAT is
bad, explaining to people how there is only one way to run an IPv6
3.  [advertisements]  services you are offering, including training
classes you are providing
4.  [Something useful]  this is the one i plan to read

All joking aside, i don't think this list has lived up to its name
yet.  I will give it a little while longer before sending a mail to
the list asking how to unsubscribe (ha!)


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