[ipv6hackers] Mailing list administrativia

Fernando Gont fgont at si6networks.com
Thu Nov 10 00:14:56 CET 2011


A few comments about the ipv6hackers mailing-list

* By default, new subscribers are moderated. This is to prevent spamers
from subscribing to the mailing-list and annoying the rest of us
(somewhat usual in security mailing-lists).

Usually, when a new subscriber posts for the first time to the
mailing-list, I approve his message, and also "unmoderate" him.
This policy has already prevented quite a few "spam" messages from
reaching the rest of the subscribers.

* By the way, we're a community of 900+ members. And while you'll find
some mailing-lists with many more subscribers (e.g., bugtraq or
full-disclosure), I believe what's unique in this case is that you can
find (in the same "forum") people from communities that usually don't
talk/cooperate much with each other.

* Other than the usual mailman archive, we have Google-powered
searchable archive. Pointers are available at:

* And yes, the list runs over v6. :-)

(as list admin)

Fernando Gont
SI6 Networks
e-mail: fgont at si6networks.com
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