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I agree that measurements depend a lot of your vantage point. 25% of
traffic to our website at LACNIC is IPv6, but folk we access our
website are hardly representative of the wider audiences.

I'm sure things will start to look up when Facebook puts up their AAAA
for good :-)



On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 9:37 PM, Leinweber, James
<jim.leinweber at slh.wisc.edu> wrote:
> Geoff Huston:
>> ... The measurements I have been undertaking point to a relatively
>>  flat line of IPv6 adoption that encompasses around 0.3% ...
> At the University of Wisconsin-Madison we have a whopping 0.6% IPv6,
> relatively flat.  It is double the 0.3% we were seeing prior to World
> IPv6 day,
> because additional departments made an effort to dual-stack their main
> client subnets.  This is based on eyeballing the MRTG graphs of total
> border
> traffic versus IPv6-only border traffic at stats.net.wisc.edu; typical
> peak
> v6 traffic is about 25 Mbit/s, typical peak v4 traffic is about 4
> Gbit/s.
> Cisco's "IPv6 Deployment and Operation Experiences" webcast on
> 9/7/2011 stated that at Interop 2011 where the conference web site
> and the wifi were both dual-stacked, they saw about 2% IPv6 traffic
> to the general internet, and about 60% IPv6 traffic to the conference
> web site.  Their Cisco Live results were similar.  So this summer's high
> water mark for IT-heavy crowds suggests that with the current client
> mix 60% of the traffic *wants* to be IPv6.  It's just not getting native
> uplink and native destinations to do it with yet.
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