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Fred Bovy fred at fredbovy.com
Sat Nov 12 00:54:16 CET 2011

No Doug, I am used to talk to people who are convinced that IPv4 + NAT is
the perfection which will never be approached by any other protocol.
Since IPv4 is working for 25 years when the IBM PC was introduced as the
first micro-computer and only very few of them were connected to LAN which
were not TCP/IP for most of them!
At a time where UUCP was mostly used to connect Unix system and very few
were using TCP/IPŠ
But thanks to NAT, private addresses and now double NAT or even A+P we can
still use this old protocol.
Never mind if the new enterprises in emerging countries will have no
public IPv4 address.
Why should we quit IPv4 which is working so good for most American and
European people?
Why should we move to a protocol for which we will not have to write an
ALG for each new network application? There is so much fun to find tricks
to pass NAT devices...
Why should we move to a protocol which will provide addresses for all the
companies of emerging counties and all the new devices which requires more
than one IP address for each user?
We should just reject the new enterprises which will require addresses and
all these new devices which require IP addresses as well.
If we do this, a new Internet will be started for these guys and I don't
think that Protocol translation between the two networks will be a

Well! I don't understand why some people are still asking why we should
migrate to a new protocol to match the requirements of the planet in 2011Š

Maybe IPv6 is not perfect but IPv4 was not betterŠ.
I would say that IPv6 bring a lot of new opportunities. At least it is
designed to match the current requirementsŠ

And I don't know any perfect protocol btw...


>On 11/11/2011 15:15, Fred Bovy wrote:
>>>> The motivation to deploy IPv6 is, quite simply, the ability to remain
>>>> connected to the outside world. We are running out of IPv4 addresses.
>>>> Simple math dictates that they are finite and that there are nowhere
>>>> near enough of them to meet growth demands of the internet on
>>>> a global scale.
>> Just like if you want to receive a TV program Colour HD, you need to
>> your old Black and White TV Set you loved so much because it was a gift
>> from your grand'pa and was still working good after 25 years !
>... or, just get the free digital -> analog converter provided by the
>I'm sorry to be so blunt, but the fact that you think this situation is
>in any way analogous to IPv6 vs IPv4 is a symptom of the exact lack of
>understanding of the fundamental issues that I was talking about.
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