[ipv6hackers] Implications of IPv6 on network firewalls

Frederic Bovy fred at fredbovy.com
Thu Nov 24 13:02:14 CET 2011

CISCO default is to deny by default the Routing Headers.
For the others I don't know and dont't think so.

I am not sure that we should deny all the headers by defaults as some of them are required for basic  IPv6 features (hop by hop with Router Alert for MLD)...
Ok I have read that MLD should also be disabled by default.

So just unplug the MAC and you'll be safe!


Le 22 nov. 2011 à 00:04, Fernando Gont a écrit :

> Hi, Adrian,
> On 11/21/2011 07:16 AM, Adrian Bool wrote:
>> It therefore seems to me that a firewall should never need to process
>> more than eight extension headers - anything more than this should be
>> dropped and in ICMP error returned.
>> Have I missed anything?
> There are other extension headers, specified in other RFCs. e.g.,
> CALIPSO, specified in RFC5570.
> However, I'm of the idea that the firewall policy should be "default
> deny", and that you should only support those extension headers that you
> want to support. -- Yes, this is usually at odds with "being liberal in
> what you accept"... but that's generally the case for any security
> controls that you enforce.
> Thanks!
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