[ipv6hackers] Implications of IPv6 on network firewalls

Markus Reschke madires at theca-tabellaria.de
Fri Nov 25 12:41:31 CET 2011

On Thu, 24 Nov 2011, Owen DeLong wrote:


> My assertion is that within 10 years, multicast routing in IPv6 will be much
> more widespread than it is today. My assertion is that there are things coming
> in IPv6 that will be considered basic functionality that will likely require the
> use of multicast routing.

Maybe site-local but not global. 10/12 years ago when traffic was more 
expensive most large IP carriers put a lot of effort in offering multicast 
solutions for streaming video etc. The idea was to bill more for multicast 
traffic than for unicast but less than for 1000 unicast streams. Actually 
a good bargain for content providers. And what happened? Traffic became 
cheaper and cheaper (and still does) and content providers got their own 
ASs and started to peer to cut down traffic costs. IPv4 multicast is 
complex and global multicast routing even more. The old multicast 
solutions caused multicast islands. So a content provider would have to 
contract all major ISPs to multicast to the users. And there would be 
still a lot of users without multicast access.

It would be nice to see IPv6 multicast being more successful but I doubt 

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