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Marco Ermini marco.ermini at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 15:01:49 CEST 2011

On 4 October 2011 22:34, DShadov <dshadov at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey, guys,
> (sorry if this is an offtopic here)
> Looking for a good IPv6 training for staff in various areas (developers,
> networking people, admins, etc)
> Any other suggestions besides above?
> I found these guys (http://www.ipv6training.com/IPv6Courses/) but they are
> mostly in UK, I am thinking either local (in US) or online training.

Sorry, I guess I can answer in the list, as I don't have any provider
to suggest for the US.

What we have done was to contact one training provider here in Europe
and customise the training for us. Then we repeated it by 3-4 times.
We were using a virtual lab.

If this is interesting, the following is the program that we defined:

- DAY 1: Introduction to IPv6 basics (morning) and Cisco IOS- and
host-based IPv6 basic labs (afternoon)
- DAY 2: Intermediate IPv6 topics (morning) and Cisco IOS-based IPv6
intermediate labs (afternoon)
- DAY 3: IPv6 security theory: threats, vulnerabilities,
countermeasures, product readiness
- DAY 4: IPv6 security practice: <supplier> provides the
equipment/tools and help in terms of on-site consultancy
- DAY 5: IPv6 lab practice: <supplier> provides the labs with upgraded
images requested by <customer> and instructor presence for the lab

We put other stuffs in the lab like IPSes, non-Cisco Firewalls etc.
mostly by providing VMs. If you want I can send you off-line the
break-down of the topics day by day.

Basically I thought it was a much better option to create something
that fit better with our needs, instead of purchasing anything off the
shelves that wasn't worth the money. And generally you get the same
arguments (as you can see in the London's IPv6 training page you
pointed before) in several weeks instead of condensed in 5 days.

Marco Ermini
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