[ipv6hackers] IPv6 security presentation at Hack.lu 2011

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This is great - thanks for sharing.  If you do a 2nd version I have a few suggestions:
1) Talk about Ping-Pong problem on point-to-point interfaces/networks
2) Talk about NDP exhaustion attack/issues

Also I think this brings up two more issues:
1) IPv6 on a sizeable network will almost require an IPAM solution
2) IPv6 will essentially require DNS and for security DNSSec/Securely implemented DNS - you can't really memorize all your key IPv6 addresses like you can in IPv4.  While this is obvious to anyone working with IPv6 I don't think it has hit home with the majority of network administrators who typically administer network devices by IP address.

I couldn't agree more on the education point.  IPv6 is not rocket science but there are a surprising amount of those "little" details when you start implementing it.


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We have uploaded the slides of the IPv6 Security talk I gave at Hack.lu
2011. The slides are available at:

If there are any topics in the slides that that you think might benefit
from debate/discussion/brainstorming, please feel free to post to the list.

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