[ipv6hackers] Help with business case for RDNSS

Jim Small jim.small at cdw.com
Fri Aug 24 04:17:17 CEST 2012

Just to follow up on something Marc mentioned in a new thread:
> OS implementations at various stages what they
> support and what not (any OS beside Ubuntu that can get the DNS server
> from something else than DHCP6?) - and the IPv6 stacks are not well
> tested enough (see the number of issues found of IPv6 security issues
> for example, compared to IPv4 security issues in the top-5 OS used).

I would like to advocate for RDNSS.  However, when I have asked for it the response was show us a compelling business case.  The question was genuine - if I can show a business case there are proponents of RDNSS.  The challenge is that most things support stateless DHCPv6 just fine.  Configuring stateless DHCPv6 is pretty easy so why do we need RDNSS?

Everything I've thought of - embedded, SOHO, Labs - stateless DHCPv6 works fine.  So I'm somewhat stumped - I like the idea of RDNSS because it seems easier to just add an line/option in a config for DNS via RA.  However, justifying additional coding for developers requires a better argument.

Can anyone think of some good business/use cases?


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