[ipv6hackers] "Stick to limited IPv6 deployments, businesses warned"

Tomas Podermanski tpoder at cis.vutbr.cz
Wed Aug 29 12:27:11 CEST 2012

On 8/28/12 2:13 PM, Fernando Gont wrote:
> If half of the energy spent on convincing people (or pretending) that
> there are no problems with v6 was spent in producing tools (such as
> THC-IPv6), discussing the problems (to eventually engineer
> workarounds), producing proposals for improvements, supporting
> existing proposals for improvements, or slapping vendors that
> essentially refrain from fixing their own vulnerable stacks, the IPv6
> world would certainly be a much better place. Cheers, 

Completely agree with that view. It seems to me that IPv6 community
don't want to hear anything wrong about IPv6, specially from operational
guys. It is not only about RA-Guard. Just same story we can see in cases
like ND cache exhaustion, default route in DHCPv6, MAC address in DHCPv6
etc.  We can observe endless discusses in IETF, nanog or this list,
however with very small impact on standardization and in the result on
implementation in the devices.

For example today, I am not able to buy device that supports either
RA-Guard or PACL for a good price. Devices that support that features
are usually about 40% (or in same cases 160%) more expensive comparing
the devices that supports that features for IPv4 (see slide 45 on

Having practical experience with IPv6 deploying I can frankly said that
is all about big compromises, disappointments and lot of effort put into
IPv6. Problems that we had 4-5 years ago (for example rogue routers) are
just the same today. From the operational perspective nothing has
happened. We then can't be surprised  that IPv6 adoption is so slow. I
am asking myself - is there any chance that something that something
change in the future? I am starting to have  doubts about it.  But maybe
I am wrong.
Fore those who might be interested in our experience  with deploying
IPv6 within university campus we sum upt it in
(and related presentation:
There are described some of the biggest troubles that we had during
deploying IPv6.



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