[ipv6hackers] thc-ipv6 v1.9 released, talks, trainings

Marc Heuse mh at mh-sec.de
Thu Jul 5 13:41:26 CEST 2012

Hi guys,

as promised a month ago, here is a new version of thc-ipv6.
I hoped that a user contribution would still made it in, but the
development for that will still take some time.

7 new tools, new features for existing tools and of course the usual
bugfixes. Have fun:


I will present at three conferences this year, showing new stuff (100%
new :-) at Hack in the Box KL, Security Zone, and maybe Hacker2Hacker
(last one is pending, I'm invited as a keynote speaker and offered to do
my new IPv6 talk there too)

That being said, I guess these will be my last IPv6 presentations. This
will then be my 3rd round of presenting new IPv6 stuff, and believe it
or not, there are more interesting topics than just IPv6, and I want to
present something completely different next year :-)

For those interested in trainings (I follow Fernando's lead in
advertising them here :-) ):
 44con, London, 3-4th September
 Hack in the Box, Kuala Lumpur, 8-9th October
 Security Zone, Cali/Colombia, 5th December

Additionally planned, however not confirmed yet:
 Hacker2Hacker, Sao Paulo/Brazil, mid of October
 GovCERT NL, Netherlands, somewhere in November maybe
 CanSecWest, Vancouver/Canada, 4-5th March 2013

(I will continue giving the training as long as their is interest. I
guess that means for at least 5+ more years ;-) )


Marc Heuse

PGP: FEDD 5B50 C087 F8DF 5CB9  876F 7FDD E533 BF4F 891A

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