[ipv6hackers] IPv6 source address selection on Linux

Sander Smeenk ssmeenk at freshdot.net
Thu Jul 19 17:07:41 CEST 2012

Quoting Romain Boissat (rboissat at lv0.in):

> Well in that case, I can only think of iproute2 policy routing on the
> server with two routing tables and several rules to select the right
> routing table depending on source and destination prefixes. You should
> check that your current kernel supports multiple IPv6 routing tables,
> though.

Yes. Like i do with IPv4, see my original mail.

BUT, even though i specify 'src fded:e128:5900::1', this does *NOT* end
up in the routing table (like it does for IPv4). *PLEASE* try this

I've been there long before i mailed this list for help.

I'm fairly certain i need to fiddle with gai.conf and label / preference
settings - but there is no information on what i should put in there to
get the behaviour as described:

- source from fded:e128:5900::1 *ONLY* for traffic to 2001:db8::1
- source from public routable v6 address for anything else

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