[ipv6hackers] Dynamic prefixes & privacy (was: IPv6 prefix changing)

S.P.Zeidler spz at serpens.de
Sat Mar 17 19:08:54 CET 2012

Thus wrote Owen DeLong (owend at he.net):

> I would like to deprecate ULA altogether as an unnecessary and poorly conceived waste of address space. (Not that I'm concerned about the use of the space nearly so much as the possibility that someone might actually deploy ULA in a myriad of harmful ways and that there aren't actually any good use cases for it that I have seen as yet).

Use in walled gardens that majorly won't connect to the Internet but are
comprised of multiple entities, f.e. Both the 'not generally routable'
and 'not accidentially conflicting' are security features (or sanity
features, since it's more a question of not spilling than of not getting
intentionally attacked).

spz at serpens.de (S.P.Zeidler)

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