[ipv6hackers] Implications of IPv6 on network firewalls

Owen DeLong owend at he.net
Mon Mar 19 18:06:26 CET 2012

>>> I believe this closes the discussion: whoever who has an IPsec stack
>>> without IPsec implemented, is going to succumb by natural selection.
>>> Or?...
>> Did you mean to create a tautology, or, did you mean an IPv6 stack
>> without IPSec implemented?
> Sorry if I didn't explain myself very well. (or maybe I am not getting
> the joke - whatever ;-))
> Microsoft Direct Access uses IPsec/IPv6 as main transport mechanism.
> This is what I meant.

You explained this just fine. Read the quote above... "whoever who has
an IPsec stack without IPsec implemented..."

Is the part I was referring to.

I suspect you meant whoever has an IPv6 stack without IPsec implemented,
but, I was trying to confirm rather than guess.

No insult or joke intended, just trying to be clear on meaning.


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