[ipv6hackers] IPv6 Security research

Marc Heuse mh at mh-sec.de
Tue Mar 20 03:15:36 CET 2012

Am 19.03.2012 17:51, schrieb Marco Ermini:
> However, Marc Heuse has demonstrated several techniques that can be
> used to narrow down the search. You could starting from his
> presentation here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7hq2q4jQYw and then
> download the slides which you should also able to find from the same
> YouTube page.
> There are currently no tools and not even concepts of tools about
> applying these techniques automatically, AFAIK, or at least nothing
> commercially or industrially viable.

well, of course there is, I implemented the techniques I presented of
course - otherwise I would not have been able to generate the statistics
:-) (and its not that hard to implement)

but the tool is not public to prevent script kiddies to scan, and
convince people to submit tools for the thc-ipv6 package to get the
private tools.
Currently in the toolset beside this one are some 0days against *BSD and
Linux and something against Windows which I still need to confirm :-)

BUT - I plan to release at least my scan engine this year. the rest when
it is fixed.


Marc Heuse

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