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Marc Heuse mh at mh-sec.de
Tue Mar 20 11:28:32 CET 2012

Hi Marco,

I just met Manfred Troeder here at the Troopers Conference again. I
asked him who is responsible for the security part of the IPv6 projects
- and he told me its you :-)

well, I hope you know that I am the only person who can really test IPv6
implementations and infrastructures (well OK, Fernando Gont too, but he
is in Argentine), so remember me before rolling things out to the
customers :-)


Am 20.03.2012 10:57, schrieb Marco Ermini:
> On 20 March 2012 03:15, Marc Heuse wrote:
> [...]
>>> There are currently no tools and not even concepts of tools about
>>> applying these techniques automatically, AFAIK, or at least nothing
>>> commercially or industrially viable.
>> well, of course there is, I implemented the techniques I presented of
>> course - otherwise I would not have been able to generate the statistics
>> :-) (and its not that hard to implement)
>> but the tool is not public to prevent script kiddies to scan, and
>> convince people to submit tools for the thc-ipv6 package to get the
>> private tools.
>> Currently in the toolset beside this one are some 0days against *BSD and
>> Linux and something against Windows which I still need to confirm :-)
>> BUT - I plan to release at least my scan engine this year. the rest when
>> it is fixed.
> That's very interesting, thank you to let me know.
> Cheers

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