[ipv6hackers] IPv6 Security research

Leinweber, James jim.leinweber at slh.wisc.edu
Wed Mar 21 03:45:15 CET 2012

> I'm going to spend the next couple of months reading up and getting
> familiar with IPv6 and it's workings. So, has anyone got any
suggestions on
> good books and papers on IPv6, maybe with a focus on the security side
> things and issues?

NIST SP800-119 "Guidelines for the secure deployment of IPv6" is very
It's less checklist oriented than the title might lead you to hope,
but if you want a nice, deep technical overview of the trickier points
of IPv6,
with an emphasis on security implications, it's fabulous.

Try to avoid books which haven't been updated in the last few years, as
they are liable to be full of deprecated stuff like site-local
DNS A6/DNAME [0], NAT-PT, and the like.

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[0] Ok, the DNS stuff was merely demoted back to experimental,
and not actually deprecated.  The IETF will reconsider A6/DNAME
if they ever get popular.  

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