[ipv6hackers] Nmap 6 Released!

HD Moore hdm at digitaloffense.net
Tue May 22 01:03:50 CEST 2012

Hi folks,

You may have seen today's announcement that Nmap 6.0 was released today.
This is the first major release in three years and the first to support
IPv6. Since the original 5.0 release, IPv6 support has been slowly moving
forward - in the last year it got a huge boost and is now (IMHO) the best
network tool for managing IPv6 networks. Nmap supports all of the local
broadcast discovery techniques (via NSE scripts) in addition to full
raw-socket scanning (syn, fin, etc). One of the really neat additions is the
IPv6 OS fingerprinting stack[1], which is a drastic change from the standard
IPv4 techniques. Nmap is open source, free to use, and should be installed
on every machine you own =)

The fully announcement and download links are available from:


1. http://nmap.org/6/#changes-ipv6

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