[ipv6hackers] IPv6 implications on IPv4 nets: IPv6 RAs, IPv4, and VPN "evasion"

Fernando Gont fernando at gont.com.ar
Fri Sep 7 02:09:37 CEST 2012

On 09/04/2012 05:52 PM, Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:
>> Assuming the VPN product does not disable local v6 support, and that the
>> VPN does not provide IPv6 connectivity (*), this attack vector could
>> prove to be an interesting one ("unexpected", to some extent).
>> (*) even then, this attack might still work.
> I haven't read the draft (yet) but you
> 1) get what you pay for, and
> 2) we have the technology to prevent all of this
> so it's not science or research anymore but a problem of monkeys.

-- the question is whether there are products that suffer from this
problem... and, as noted by others, there are.

> And to finish my thoughts, is this any worse than an ipv6-only VPN
> on a say dual stack network (or any other combination)? 

Well, this is, to a large extent, irrelevant. Now, if you ask the
question, yes, it is a bit worse than the ipv6-only case: in order to
trigger the v4 connectivity, the attacker would have to be present on
the network when a "nomadic" host attaches to the network (in order to
be able to forge the dhcp-response packet). OTOH, an attacker can
trigger v6 connectivity at anytime by sending forged RAs (even if he
connects to such network after the victim node).

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