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Hi, Marc,

This one is described in Section 3.4 of

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   The R flag is the Router flag, and is used by Neighbor Unreachability
   Detection (NUD).  When set, it indicates that the sender is a router.
   An attacker could forge a Neighbor Advertisement message with the
   Router flag cleared to cause the receiving node to remove the
   impersonated Router from the Default router list.
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and more thoroughly in Section 3.6 of

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3.6. DoS attack by removing a router from the routing table by means of
Neighbor Advertisement messages


This attack at removing a router from the routing table of the attacked
system by means of Neighbor Advertisement messages. Basically, an
attacker responds to Neighbor Solicitations that have a Target Address
equal to the IPv6 address of the victim router with a Neighbor
Advertisement that contains the “Router” flag set to zero. This fools
the receiving system into believing that the victim router has ceased to
operate as a router.


# ./na6 –i attacker_nic -s victim_ip -Z victim_ip –e -L


A possible mitigation for this attack could be for hosts to not remove
the router if a Neighbor Advertisement is received from a “router”
without the “Router” flag set. In the event the flag was legitimately
indicating that the sender of the Neighbor Advertisement has ceased to
act as a router, loss indication from the upper-layer protocols could
instruct the internet-layer to remove such router from the list of
default routers.
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On 04/15/2013 02:05 AM, Marc Heuse wrote:
> I guys,
> in a training, one of the attendees spotted something special in the RFC
> I had overseen so far - this is another easy way to remove the valid
> default gateway. I do not want to take credit for this, so with his OK,
> I forward his email. Enjoy!
> (some might know maybe, I did not :-) )
> Greets,
> Marc
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> Subject: 	Neighbor advertisement router flag
> Date: 	Sun, 14 Apr 2013 14:54:46 +0200
> From: 	Hendrik Schimmelpenninck <hendrik at svdo.nl>
> To: 	mh at mh-sec.de
> Hi Marc,
> Inspired after your training, I did some testing with the
> neighbor advertisement router flag that we discussed earlier. I was able
> to reproduce the behaviour that the RFC 4861 describes in 7.2.5 II.
> After sending a (unsolicited) neighbor advertisement for the current
> default router with the router set to false, both Ubuntu 12.04 and
> Windows 7 remove the router from the default router list.
> I thought this could make a good addition to kill_router6, for when the
> RA lifetime 0 attack might not work. I would like to add it to your
> code, but I am not familiar enough with C and your framework yet. I will
> try and get into your code, but it will probably take a while. Also,
> I'll have some other operating systems to test it on next week.
> Thanks again for the training, I had a blast!
> Regards,
> Hendrik
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