[ipv6hackers] thc-ipv6 v2.5 released

Marc Heuse mh at mh-sec.de
Fri Dec 27 21:00:01 CET 2013

Hi guys,

I just released thc-ipv6 v2.5. new tools, a lot of enhancements to the
existing ones. The CHANGES file is long :-)
Get it at http://www.thc.org/thc-ipv6

is anyone at 30C3 at the moment?
if so, meet me up :-)


Changelog for v2.5 (from v2.3):
 * Moved the license from GPLv3 to AGPLv3 (see LICENSE file)
 * Support for big endian processors added
 * Added new tool: flood_dhcps6 - DHCPv6 server fuzzer. Submitted by Brandon
   Hutcheson and Graeme Neilson - great job, thanks!
 * Added new tool: flood_redir6 - flooding with ICMPv6 redirects
 * Added new tool: flood_rs6 - flooding with ICMPv6 Router Soliciations
 * Added new tool: four2six - send an IPv4 packet via a 4to6 gateway
 * Added new tool: dump_dhcp6 - show all DHCP6 servers and their config
 * Added new script: six2four.sh - send an IPv6 packet via a 6to4 gateway
 * All flooding tools:
   - support now a specific target instead of all local nodes
   - printing a dot for each 1000 packets sent (before: 100)
 * alive6:
   - renamed option -D to -C (common address scan), -D still works too
   - added -4 IPv6address/range option
   - added -H option to print the hop count value of received packets
   - added -L option to only report local alive systems
   - added -P option to only print addresses that would be scanned, but
no scanning
   - added -R option to not consider TCP-RST packets as alive signals
   - NDP alives now also get their MAC addresses printed
   - reworked help output, simple help screen with no option, full help
with -h parameter
   - clarified that ranges (from-to) should not be used together with -D
-M or -4
   - -W option waited for micro not milliseconds, fixed
 * flood_router26
   - added -S slow start option which makes the flooding a bit more
   - added -G gigantic packet option (64kb, fragmented)
   - increased number of route/prefix entries in normal (non -G option)
   - rewrote the help screen
 * thcsyn6:
   - changed to also allow syn flooding on link local
 * parasite6:
   - added ROUTER flag to all packets to prevent being removed from the
routing list
 * trace6:
   - added -u UDP switch
   - fixed bug that showed targets sometimes too far away
   - fixed -E option
   - fixed millisecond printing
 * thcping6:
   - added -n count switch
   - added -T icmptype and -C icmpcode options
   - rewrote help output, added -h extra output, minimal otherwise
 * dnsdict6:
   - enhanced and updated the dictionaries
   - added additonal "u"ber large dictionary with -u option
 * fragmentation6:
   - added multi-level-fragment tests
   - no screen flooding in flooding mode anymore
 * fake_solicitate6
   - src address is now by default the own link-local address unless
specified different
 * firewall6:
   - added -H option to show hop count of pkts received
 * randicmp6:
   - added -p option which will not print replies and not wait (good for
flooding tests)
 * thc-ipv6-lib:
   - added thc_add_ipv4_rudimentary function needed for the new four2six
     so far only ICMPv4 ping and UDP is supported.
   - renamed thc_create_ipv6 to thc_create_ipv6_extended, and added a
     thc_create_ipv6 function
   - 801.q VLAN IDs can now have the proper range of up to 4095
   - injection sniffing - some tcpdump seem not to be able to sniff on
ether proto
 * massive error checking and compiler warnings eliminated
 * Incorporated Debian maintainer patches: man page additions and
spelling fixes

Marc Heuse

PGP: AF3D 1D4C D810 F0BB 977D  3807 C7EE D0A0 6BE9 F573

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