[ipv6hackers] Best Network Tap - for home

Sander Steffann sander at steffann.nl
Fri Jul 12 10:13:45 CEST 2013

Hi Mark,

>> No, as all wires on 1000BaseT are used bidirectionally, and both end
>> systems actually negotiate which wires go where.
> IEEE 802.3-2008, Section 3:
> 40.4.4 Automatic MDI/MDI-X Configuration

You keep talking about crossover cables and MDI/MDI-X, but the topic is creating a *tap*. That has nothing to do with crossover cables and MDI/MDI-X but with how to listen to traffic without affecting it. That cannot be done with a passive tap for gigabit ethernet because of the reasons that Gert mentioned.


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