[ipv6hackers] Local-link traffic injection through tunneling ?

ZAMANI Omar Omar.ZAMANI at solucom.fr
Mon Jul 15 10:30:46 CEST 2013

Hello everyone !


I'm looking at the various attacks possible against an IPv6 enabled enterprise network and in particular attacks that can be launched from outside the network.


As far as I know, IPv6 well-known attacks rely on NDP which are mostly Local-link attacks  (except NDP exhaustion if my memories are correct).


What I was wondering is : by establishing a tunnel from outside the network to an internal IPv6 node, is it possible to target that node with NDP local-link attacks from outside the network ? In other words and more generally, does the tunnel act as a link-layer in that case ? If so, do the attacker's machine, the target node and the other nodes that share it local-link become all part of the same link when a such tunnel is established ?


Also, just to be clear about it, if a such tunnel is established with an internal router, local-link encapsulated traffic won't be emitted on the network because routers are not supposed to do so am I right ?


Thanks for your answers and please excuse my bad English.


Have a nice day.


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