[ipv6hackers] IPS/WAF and combined IPv6-IPv4 attacks

ZAMANI Omar Omar.ZAMANI at solucom.fr
Mon Jul 22 11:53:16 CEST 2013

Hello everybody !


Following my IPv6 security investigations, I'm looking at a particular
breed of attacks : those that combine IPv4 and IPv6.


I don't know if such attacks are very common, but I was thinking that
now that we have two network protocols working, some attacks targeting
the application layer may choose to alternate for example IPv4
encapsulated HTTP requests and IPv6 encapsulated HTTP requests in order
to fly under the radar. For such attacks to succeed, WAFs and IPS must
be designed to analyze IPv4 and IPv6 traffic independently as two
different streams even at the application layer. 


Is that the case of the available solutions on the market ? Has the
hacker community ever tried to achieve an attack of this kind ?


Thank you for your replies.




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