[ipv6hackers] IETF Social? - Re: ipv6hackers meeting (Today, July 30, 2013)

Dan York york at isoc.org
Tue Jul 30 14:03:51 CEST 2013


Looking at the timing, if we're planning this to go from 16:00 to 20:00
there is an overlap with the beginning of the IETF Social.  Are there
people going to the IPv6 hackers meeting who are planning to go directly
over to the social when we're done?  (or are people not going to the


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On 7/30/13 12:51 PM, "Fernando Gont" <fernando at gont.com.ar> wrote:

>Here's the agenda for today's ipv6hackers meeting at EANTC AG
>headquarters in Berlin:
>* Some Notes on Testing the Real-World IPv6 Capabilities of Commercial
>Security Products -- Christopher Werny & Enno Rey
>* FT6 (Firewalltester for IPv6) -- Oliver Eggert
>* IPv6 Deployment Monitoring: Internet metrics -- Eric Vyncke
>* IPv6 Security Assessment and Benchmarking -- Eldad Zack
>* Measurement of IPv6 filtering policies on the Internet -- Guillaume
>* News about THC-IPv6 -- Marc Heuse
>* News about IPv6-toolkit -- Fernando Gont
>* IPv6 addresses on the Domain Name System (DNS) -- Fernando Gont
>* DNS Reconnaissance using DNSSEC -- Christoph Mueller
>The event is free, and you don't need to register to attend (number of
>seats is limited, though).
>Please find all the relevant details (location, maps, etc.) at:
>I suggest that people meaning to walk to the venue meet at the
>Intercontinental hotel's front door, and leave at around 15:15 to arrive
>in time for the meeting (harder to get lost if walking with a group).
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