[ipv6hackers] opportunistic encryption in IPv6

Mark Smith markzzzsmith at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jun 11 06:10:06 CEST 2013

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> Hi Owen,
>>  > The fundamental challenge for encryption is key distribution and
>>  management:
>>  > * How do I authenticate the intended recipient(s)?
>>  This is a traditional challenge with many traditional solutions, all of 
> which have
>>  tradeoffs, especially in M2M communications.
>>  > * How do I distribute a key without letting anyone except the intended
>>  recipient(s) get it?
>>  DH pretty well solves this, no?
> Yes and no.  DH is a good answer, but IKE/IPsec still requires pre-shared keys 
> or RSA key pairs to start with.

Don't think so anymore.

"Better-Than-Nothing Security: An Unauthenticated Mode of IPsec"

Don't know if there are any implementations available.

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