[ipv6hackers] (Remote) Neighbor Cache Exhaustion Attacks - Some Discussion

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What cisco gear and ios version are you running in your lab?

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I just build a small Cisco-based lab to verify if my (potentially flawed, seriously) understanding of remote neighbor cache exhaustion attacks is correct.
It seems that Cisco devices never store more than 512 INCOMPLETE entries in their neighbor cache, regardless of the actual number of NS packets sent out (and missing their respective NAs).

Can anybody confirm similar behavior for other vendors' L3 devices or routers based on BSD/Linux/Solaris/whatever?
I tend to conclude that the actual risk of remote NCE is exaggerated in some circles, but I might have overlooked sth.
Details as for the testing I did can be found here: http://www.insinuator.net/2013/03/ipv6-neighbor-cache-exhaustion-attacks-risk-assessment-mitigation-strategies-part-1/.

Happy about any kind of feedback...



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