[ipv6hackers] Looking for feedback on subjective top list of IPv6 security issues

Merike Kaeo merike at doubleshotsecurity.com
Sun Mar 10 05:55:11 CET 2013

On Mar 8, 2013, at 9:20 AM, Marc Heuse wrote:
> Nothing will happen if you do not show the issues. So be truthful about
> it, and constantly put you finger deeply into the wound.
> This creates change. Denying the issue is not.


It's been a constant amusement / frustration (depending on my mood) why so many
smart people have been reluctant to discuss the real work that still needs to be done
by vendors to get v6 deployments to be more resilient.

Vendor implementations are improving - discussing issues as brought up by this thread
immensely useful.  

- merike

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