[ipv6hackers] Looking for feedback on subjective top list of IPv6 security issues

Enno Rey erey at ernw.de
Sun Mar 10 07:28:21 CET 2013


> > the end of the year. But lets see.
> Dave Piscatello had done a fairly comprehensive v6 firewall survey about 2-3 years ago 
> and was just appalled at state of things.  I'd love to compare what you are doing to what 
> was found a few years back (I'm fluent in German btw so a pointer to article once available would be great)

we've compiled quite some data from various sources for this workshop: https://www.troopers.de/agenda13/troopers13-ipv6-security-summit-2013/troopers13-ipv6-security-summit-2013-workshop-overview-of-the-real-world-capabilities-of-major-commercial-security-products/index.html.
Most of the presentations of the event will be made available after the fact anyway, not sure about this one (as the data points may change too rapidly). still, anyone interested can contact us/me off-list to get the stuff.

have a great Sunday everybody


> I have heard that some folks are asking vendors to create capability to drop packets if they have more 
> than 'X' extension headers - not sure when that functionality will ship but this is a good practical feature.
> I had a good conversation with Fernando today since we're both in Orlando for IETF.  I am super
> happy more people are helping educate and creating tools to help folks create more resilient v6 deployments
> (I am avoiding 'more secure' on purpose).   
> - merike
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