[ipv6hackers] Slides from IPv6 Sec Summit

Antonios Atlasis antonios.atlasis at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 09:25:27 CET 2013

Hi Jim,

2013/3/15 Jim Small <jim.small at cdw.com>

> Antonios,
> Awesome talk!  I especially like how you walked through your approach and
> provide scapy samples - very cool.
> ...

Thanks a lot Jim. Very kind of you.

> > b. whether the various vendors' implementation (from OS to
> > security/network
> > devices) meet the various standards.
> There are definitely some options here, at least on the wired side.
>  However, Enno had a great point in his preso about being realistic with
> operational complexity.  That remains a challenge.

Enno was a 100% right. This is the challenge, indeed.

> > c. how can we fix them to make the IPv6 world safer (the goal of
> Troopers)
> Interested in what everyone thinks.  IMHO, short term best options are
> working with major vendors at the access layer and for security solutions.
>  At the access layer (Ethernet switches, Wireless controllers, Access
> points) and for firewalls push for strong controls for extensions headers
> and fragmentation.  For IDS/IPS push for good detection.  Could an IPS do
> prevention without being susceptible to DoS?

That's a good question. It definitely needs further testing...

Take care


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