[ipv6hackers] Scanning for IPv6 addresses embedding TCP/UDP service ports

Tan Kean Siong tankeansiong at gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 11:47:30 CET 2013

Hi Fernando,

On 22 February 2013 10:15, Fernando Gont <fgont at si6networks.com> wrote:

> For obvious reasons, the transport-protocol above (i.e., TCP vs. UDP) is
> meaningless, since we're not scanning *ports* but rather IPv6 addresses
> that embed service ports.
> Two related questions are.
> * Have I missed any interesting ports?
I would suggest to have both ports TCP/137 and TCP/445 to be included as
part of the embeded services ports. By looking back to historical
incidents, these MS NETBIOS/SMB protocol on Windows machine always be the
target for further exploitation or massive malware/worm infection (e.g.
Conflicker and etc).

Tan Kean Siong

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