[ipv6hackers] RA guard evasion

Felix 'FX' Lindner fx at recurity-labs.com
Wed May 15 01:13:19 CEST 2013

Re ;)

On Tue, 14 May 2013 23:05:05 +0000 "Eric Vyncke (evyncke)"
<evyncke at cisco.com> wrote:
> Now, your 2nd point is also fair but I am afraid that the performance
> would be something such as 10 Gbps for all 48 ports (so about 0.5
> Tbps) going down to 100 Mbps aggregated (just a vaguely educated
> guess) for fragmented packets. Not sure whether network operators
> would be happy. If they were happy to slowwwww down fragmentation
> throughput, then the problem would indeed be fixed easily in software.

that's what I'm advocating: The option to make it slow-but-secure.
There are environments and customers who want this.

> Now, really going to get some sleep ;-)

Good idea, copy that.


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