[ipv6hackers] Some stats on IPv6 fragments and EH filtering on the Internet

Marc Blanchet marc.blanchet at viagenie.ca
Tue Nov 5 01:55:44 CET 2013

Le 2013-11-04 à 16:50, Fernando Gont <fernando at gont.com.ar> a écrit :

> On 11/04/2013 04:10 PM, Marc Blanchet wrote:
>> Fernando, clarification question (since I was not at IEPG):  define
>> "failure" in your slides? 
> Probe packets do not get to the intended destination.

ok. your presentation says that you used a single vantage point.  Do you know where the filtering happened? Is it possible that it could be "not far from you", i.e. maybe your upstream provider was filtering on some routers to some destination, and not filtering for some other routers for some other destinations (i.e. different peers).  That might not be the case, I'm just trying to get a better understanding of your results.

>> It might look a dumb question, but I just
>> want to make sure. Is failure that you don't get back a reply packet?
>> or you get/don't get ICMP parameter problem or ?
> I didn't check whether an ICMPv6 error comes back -- but I'll do.

That would be very helpful to me. Because I consider differently the failures depending on that data.

Regards, Marc.

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