[ipv6hackers] Fwd: Some stats on IPv6 fragments and EH filtering on the Internet

Fernando Gont fgont at si6networks.com
Thu Nov 7 12:18:43 CET 2013

On 11/07/2013 02:57 AM, Enno Rey wrote:
> Hi,
>>> As of late 2013 I personally can't really see much use/need for
>>> fragmented IPv6 traffic at all.
>> DNS?
> heard that many times ;-)
> may I ask (the list) two questions:
> a) need for fragmented DNS_over_IPv6 inbound into an enterprise network (as opposed to a SP environment)?

If you're sending queries, you can expect fragmentation. -- not to
arbitrary nodes if you're using a caching DNS server, though.

Tunnels, as noted, are another eample.

> b) as you, Fernando, like to ask: any real-world numbers here anybody? [amount/numbers/percentage of fragmented DNS_over_IPv6 traffic]

You won't find much: many v6-enabled systems use v4 transport for dns.
-- and this one is not that easy to measure as the support for fh and
ext headers (you need to have access to interesting points in the network).

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