[ipv6hackers] Progress on IPv6 Anti-SPAM Solutions?

Eric Vyncke (evyncke) evyncke at cisco.com
Thu Feb 13 11:01:45 CET 2014

Coming from one of those vendors whose reputation database
(senderbase.org) is in the process of being built (chicken & egg issue as
usual even worse now as users do not want to send anything to the US cloud
after the NSA debacle)...

My understanding is that reputation is not the major criterium used to
classify spam...


On 13/02/14 04:41, "James Small" <jim.small at mail.com> wrote:

>Has there been progress in the commercial space on IPv6 anti-spam
>There are certainly some commercial gateways that support IPv6 and IPv6
>but every vendor I've spoken with states that their
>filtering is a "work-in-progress."  My understanding is that > 80% of
>blocked messages rely on this type of technology in IPv4, so it's absence
>IPv6 is a problem.  Furthermore, it seems like most "cloud" based SMTP
>scrubbing services do not yet support IPv6 (I know there are a few).  When
>discussing IPv6 and IPv6 security with organizations, this still seems
>a major weakness.
>I know of the following:
>(ideas to push authentication for v6)
>spam_apricot_2012_1329718069.pdf (generic coverage of many of the issues
>I'm interested in any progress you know of in this area - especially
>whitepapers, commercially viable solutions, success stories.
>  --Jim
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