[ipv6hackers] the end is near (or for IPv6: the beginning)

Ralph J.Mayer rmayer at nerd-residenz.de
Thu Jan 23 14:34:02 CET 2014

On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 02:31:05PM -0500, Richard Barnes wrote:
> If NAT were only used in firewalls where asymmetry is an issue, that would
> be a big win.  Many of the major problems with NAT today are due to NATs
> for singly homed networks (e.g., home nets, SOHO nets).

No, the real fun are big corporate networks where everyone uses 10/8
You need NAT there to define the border between the two subsidary
after a merger ...
Of course, having IPv6 there would be nice and would ease the pain
with balancing to Citrix farms or SAP servers.
But you will not see there IPv6 for a long time, because then, every
device in the path needs to be IPv6 aware. Every printer, barcode
handgun, server, client, network, firewall, monitoring, ...

IPv6 in the internet is easy, web, mail, ftp, ssh ... works.
Your real nightmare starts on the other side of the PAT


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