[ipv6hackers] the end is near (or for IPv6: the beginning)

Joseph Jackson jjackson at aninetworks.net
Fri Jan 24 21:57:44 CET 2014

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Now that's fairly easy, I think - Server 2003 should be out of support any day now, no?

Or are you honestly telling me you're running unix versions that are so old that they do not have IPv6, like Solaris 7 or SCO?

Linux and FreeBSD have been IPv6-ready - at least "ready enough for server duty" since over 10 years, and you really do not want to run a 10+ year old distribution on an Internet-facing service.  

Even MS' Server 2008R2 is now quite a few years old, with good IPv6 on-by-default.

Gert Doering
        -- NetMaster

I don't know how your enterprise works but most companies tend to only invest in new hardware when absolutely needed.  I don't blame them in that regard.  

No I wasn't speaking of unix or Linux servers. :)


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