[ipv6hackers] the end is near (or for IPv6: the beginning)

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> See RFC 3027.  Also, unfortunately it is not uncommon for home grown apps to embed address literals because many programmers disdain DNS as they don't control it.

Thanks, will read it.

> Gaming, UC, and any type of collaboration software that involves multiple parties directly interacting.  Allowing direct communication allows developers to concentrate > on making great apps and not on troubleshooting strange NAT issues and maintaining complex infrastructures to supports things like ICE/STUN/Relays.

Jim, I fully agree. Yet, unfortunately, as long as "with IPv6" does mean supporting IPv4+IPv6 together, we will get rather more complicated applications because these now need to support IPv4 with NAT *and* IPv6 without it.

Up to now, whenever I see an IPv6 rollout planned in a NATed IPv4 environment, this usually means adding IPv6 with a stateful firewall to the existing IPv4 with NAT (which will be kept).

We'll see how long this "standard solution" will persist in the future...

Best regards

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