[ipv6hackers] IPv6 Privacy Extension

Fernando Gont fgont at si6networks.com
Tue Dec 1 16:18:03 CET 2015

Hi, Johanna,

On 12/01/2015 11:29 AM, Johanna Ullrich wrote:
> At this year's RAID conference, I presented an attack on the IPv6
> Privacy Extension. While this attack appears ``infeasible┬┤┬┤ to a
> practitioner's point of view, it is still worth taking a look for
> various reasons. First, it highlights misconceptions in
> standardization which should not be repeated. Second, IPv6 is
> intended to be a protocol of the future, and time plays as usual for
> the attacker. The longer we wait, the better for adversaries.
> Finally, it should motivate revision of respective standards and
> implementations.
> I included the abstract below; you can find the full paper at
> https://www.sba-research.org/research/publications/

Thanks for the heads-up!

BTW, you seem to have missed this one, which is closely related to this

P.S.: I will read your paper and comment.

Thanks again!

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