[ipv6hackers] NetworkManager and privacy in the IPv6 internet

Ondřej Caletka Ondrej.Caletka at cesnet.cz
Tue Dec 29 20:59:01 CET 2015


On day 6.12.2015 v 03:46 Mark ZZZ Smith wrote:
> * By whom? There are 100s of millions of routers in homes that don't have statically configured addresses on router interfaces and will never have statically configured addresses because that is beyond the capabilities of the devices' owners. Many servers and server-type devices (e.g., printers) don't need statically addressed either, because they announce their presence and their address using multicast-DNS.

What are the privacy concerns of using EUI-64-based II on server-type
devices or CPEs? These devices will hardly move during their lifetime
and they usually don't have any human operator worth of tracking. I
simply don't see any advantage in using RFC7217 addresses over EUI-64
based addressing for devices like network printer, NAS or a router.

Ondřej Caletka

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