[ipv6hackers] thc-ipv6 v3.0, IPv6 complexity and evasions

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>> On Sat, Oct 17, 2015 at 08:51:25AM +0200, Enno Rey wrote:
>>> except for the IP version that kinda deprecates fragmentation, that is IPv6.

*because* the networks must support fragmention, it is important that
there is RFC that is more tight on extension headers as well as that
security products must look deeply into the packets.

* I think here is the fundamentally flawed assumption or belief - that the network is the best and only place to do host and application security.

>From one of the inventors of network located firewalls, and from 16 years ago,

"Conventional firewalls rely on the notions of restricted topology and controlled entry points to function. More precisely, they rely on the assumption that everyone on one side of the entry point--the firewall--is to be trusted, and that anyone on the other side is, at least potentially, an enemy. The vastly expanded Internet connectivity in recent years has called that assumption into question."

"Distributed Firewalls" by Steven M. Bellovin


Encryption and multi-pathing are only going to seal the deal.


Marc Heuse

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