[ipv6hackers] thc-ipv6 v3.0, IPv6 complexity and evasions

Marc Heuse mh at mh-sec.de
Tue Oct 20 09:11:49 CEST 2015

my take on this:

> My take is that things are not black or white in this respect.
> Some people think that the "current" security paradigm is
> network-centric, and that it will shift to host centric.
> I'd argue that it has been mixed host/network-centric, and will continue
> to do so.

in the beginning it was all host centric because there were no firewalls.
When firewalls were widely available on the markt, people thought they
have the solution and it is all that is needed and didnt do host
security anymore.
With more and more application layer attacks (spam, malware via web and
email, web server attacks) people went for security proxies/ALGs.
With sophisticated malware and zero days people hated to add host
security again but it is a lot of work.

Because it is a lot of effort and hard to get it right, the new approach
is "data centric" protection. In an effort to reduce the resources
required (money, hours, knowledge).
But in my opinion this is a failed approach.


Marc Heuse

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