[ipv6hackers] IPv6 security (slides and training)

Fred Bovy fred at fredbovy.com
Sat Nov 12 00:15:04 CET 2011

>>The motivation to deploy IPv6 is, quite simply, the ability to remain
>>connected to the outside world. We are running out of IPv4 addresses.
>>Simple math dictates that they are finite and that there are nowhere
>>near enough of them to meet growth demands of the internet on
>>a global scale.

Just like if you want to receive a TV program Colour HD, you need to trash
your old Black and White TV Set you loved so much because it was a gift
from your grand'pa and was still working good after 25 years !
I know it is tough but you will have to and buy a brand new flat TV HDŠ.
Maybe the old TV will find a place in a museum, with IPv4Š.


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