[ipv6hackers] my IPv6 insecurity slides

Arturo Servin aservin at lacnic.net
Wed Nov 23 18:42:31 CET 2011

	I do not agree on some on your slides, some other need some update after recently work done in the IETF. Some others are really good.

	But agree to disagree is the point of this, isn't it?

	My biggest disagreement is to recommend people to disable IPv6, that will take us no-where. I agree that some environments should not enable v6 for some reasons, but to generalise the practice seems wrong to me. 


On 23 Nov 2011, at 15:04, Marc Heuse wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I did a lot of presentations on my IPv6 security research since 2005.
> I condensed most if it into a 2h presentation I performed at the IPv6
> congress in Frankfurt, Germany in May.
> I updated the information, and if you are interested in the slides, here
> is the direct link:
> http://www.mh-sec.de/downloads/mh-ipv6_vulnerabilities.pdf
> On a side note, I plan the next thc-ipv6 (will be 2.0) release
> containing all and every tool (no more private version) to be between
> March and May 2012.
> Greets,
> Marc
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