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and much more 

and people like cisco do not advertize their sites as their sites are not 100% IPv6. Some of their pages and links send you to IPv4 pages:

and they want to keep intact the idea that migrating applications to IPv6 is Evil and Dangerous !!!
Better rely on the new NAT64/DNS non scalable Translator than migrating applications just like:

the 1949 referenced IPv6 Applications there:
or there:

Here is a presentation that shows how to upgrade applications to support IPv6:

It is not that difficult and I can offer my service with a guarantee that the customer will not pay me if the solution does not work!

It is no more difficult that any protocol migration we have seen in the past:

Airlines Mission criitcal applicationq moving from Mainframes to dumb terminal first migrated to NETBios LAN solutions then to TCP/IP
IBM SNA Critical Transactional Banking and Assurance application moving from SNA Hierarchical to SNA peer to peer (APPN LU6.2) then to TCP/IP
MICROSOFT NETBios Applications moving to TCP/IP
DECNET Phase IV to Phase V (OSI with CLNS and ISIS) to TCP/IP
NOVELL IPX Applications moving to TCP/IP
APPLETALK Apllications moving to TCP/IP

No need for any tools or transition protocols.... Just a new protocol

In the 90s we did much more during the DOWNSIZING period... We moved a lot of HIGHLY CRITICAL APPLICATIONS FROM MAINFRAMES DOWN TO PCs or RISC Workstations TCP/IP based platforms.

Now you want me to buy that IPv4 to IPv6 is so special that we need 50 more years of testing?

IPv6 was designed with the requirements of a public network for the Y2Ks where IPv4 was designed for a military network in the late 70s... Tou know Jim Morisson, Jimmy hendrix... LONG TIME AGO!!!

IPv6 is the next generation protocol and a much better protocol than IPv4 PERIOD


Le 26 nov. 2011 à 01:48, Peter Bruderer a écrit :

> On 26.11.2011, at 02:22, Fernando Gont wrote:
>> On 11/25/2011 04:56 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:
>>> +	There is already content that is only available on IPv6.
>> Can you list at least five sites that are IPv6-only?
>> Given that you can get USD 3/month IPv6/IPv4 hosting, I think that
>> anybody that took the decision to put such content IPv6-only should
>> probably be fired.
> we got:
> http://ipv6.google.com
> http://www.six.heise.de
> http://ipv6.cyups.com/xampp/
> hmmmm and then there are a few schools in Taiwan ...
> :)))))
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