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Actually the last time I have felt such a HUGE demand for education and
training was when we started to help the telcos and a few enterprises to
deploy MPLS in the very early 2000's.

They were so scared not to be able to manage and troubleshoot any problem!

I think that if MPLS Traffic Engineering did not meet the success it
deserved (at least in France) this is because even with training, it was
still scary for them.
This is kind of weird because the same SPs were deploying ATM in parallel!
Maybe the ATM vendors had better solutions to manage and troubleshoot ATM
than CISCO for MPLS-TE.

I think that if some IP folks resist to IPv6 and are fighting to keep IPv4
with more NAT this is for the same reasons!

I also agree about Security. They don't want to have networks less secure
with IPv6. And this will be challenging during the transition to IPv6 !

Also the Transition to IPv6 is also a very hot topic for anyone who wants to
start IPv6 whatever it is an enterrpise or a SP. There are many options and
many implication on security.

Le 22/09/2011 10:44, « Fernando Gont » <fgont at si6networks.com> a écrit :

>> My point is that indeed organizations should move to IPv6 but this
>> must be planned with training, education, ...
> My point was, essentially, that if you decide to deploy IPv6, this
> should be planned with proper education, and consideration of the
> security implications.


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