[ipv6hackers] IPv6 security tools released

Fernando Gont fgont at si6networks.com
Tue Jul 3 21:10:19 CEST 2012


On 07/03/2012 02:07 PM, Dan York wrote:
> Thanks for the notification.  Two questions for you:
> 1. At first I thought that ipv6-toolkit-v1.1.tar.gz had all the tools
> and the other downloads were if you wanted a specific tool... 

Short answer: download the ipv6-toolkit-v1.1.tar.gz. If there's any tool
that is not inside that tarball (such as ipv6mon), download it
separately (from its own tarball).

> but
> it's not clear to me after downloading the file if that is the case.
> What is in this "ipv6-toolkit" download as compared to the other
> tools?

Originally, tools were shipped as individual tar.gz files. Then, when
the number of tools became large, and I was producing both new tools and
updates to the existing ones, I ended up shipping everything as

> (Adding a description on the download page would be
> helpful.)

Well, I don't own/manage the aforementioned page (for instance, I
haven't posted the tools online myself)-

Since *some* version of the tools have been posted online, I may be able
to post my latest version soon.

> 2. Is the code for these tools hosted on some collaborative site like
> Github?

No. But I'm hoping to do so as soon as I'm allowed to. (that's why the
tools are not yet at si6networks.com or at my personal web site).

> (or could the code be?)  That would allow for others to
> easily send you potential additions, fixes, suggestions, etc.


> Thanks for making these available!

You're welcome.

Comments, suggestions, etc. will be more than welcome!

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