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Owen DeLong owend at he.net
Wed Mar 7 10:53:47 CET 2012

It isn't law (yet) in Germany, but, since many of the ISPs there think that it is, it might as well be.

Also, likely it will become a law, especially if a significant fraction of ISPs don't implement it without one.

It's really unfortunate, because the recommendation is actually more concerned about the suffix portion than the prefix portion and states that it should be up to the subscriber's preference.

However, like most recommendations, it suffers from the telephone game (the more parties involved in relaying a message, the more mutated the message becomes) and the human tendency towards over-simplification creates an implementation attitude of simply forcing periodic prefix changes to "satisfy German privacy laws".

IMHO, better would be to default to a static prefix, inform customers of the option of using privacy addresses (non-MAC based SLAAC addresses) which are now default (unfortunately) on Windows and MacOS anyway. Offer customers that want a dynamic prefix the option. This should satisfy German privacy concerns while still allowing most customers to get sane IPv6 deployments.


On Mar 6, 2012, at 12:11 PM, Alex List wrote:

> According to [1] there's no such law in Germany. Btw, if someone could
> point me out where one could find such law in any country, I would be very
> thankful.
> @Sara: try to search for 'dynamic prefix nanog'
> Regards, Alex
> Refs:
> [1]
> http://www.datenschutz-hamburg.de/uploads/media/IPv6_Aufsatz_in_MMR-08-2011.pdf,
> page 5: "Regulierung der Adressvergabe"
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