[ipv6hackers] IPv6 prefix changing

Owen DeLong owend at he.net
Wed Mar 7 21:27:35 CET 2012

> Yep, exactly.
> This behavior, though, will change IPv6 prefixes in the home, which
> will cause hiccups of IPv6 traffic within the home...  I know we would
> all think ULA within the home solves all woes, but it's hard for
> a user to know (or care) if their video streamer or NAS are advertising
> ULA or GUA within the home, and which devices are using ULA or GUA.
> I fear the in-home renumbering will cause IPv6 hiccups, and will be
> """solved""" by doing NPTv6 at the home boundary.

That would certainly be the worst possible solution. (or at least very nearly the worst)


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