[ipv6hackers] Finding v6 hosts by efficiently mapping ip6.arpa

Peter van Dijk peter at 7bits.nl
Thu Mar 29 18:17:24 CEST 2012


On Mar 29, 2012, at 17:24 , Marc Heuse wrote:

> This is very interesting.
> I have never read about this before, so I'd guess you are the first,
> congrats!
> there seems to be a bug in your tool - I played a bit, it has done >
> 70kb requests and has not found a reverse entry I know exists - and I
> confirmed that your technique work on that DNS server.

Based on this report and some private communication with Marc, I have added:
- a running tally of prefixes found
- support for aborting with ^C (script will report all prefixes found so far)
- a percentage process indicator (very unreliable due to networks concentrating their hosts in the lower numeric regions of their networks)

All these fixes have been pushed to github.

As far as I can see, Marc did not find a bug - he is just finding that even this technique needs non-trivial running time on networks around size /32.

Cheers, Peter

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